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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze the second straight spare the air day. >> let's get the latest from mike. hottest of the day week? absolutely and one with poor air quality. good morning. the poorest air quality will be inland and hills of the east bay also the santa clara valley. rest of us will have moderate to good air quality still under the spare the air moniker for the afternoon. hottest temperatures east bay valleys also towards clear lake and ukiah upper 80s to low 100s. around the bay middle 80s to possibly middle 90s redwood city could hit 93° today.
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coast warmer than yesterday, throw upper 70s. a lot of sunshine today and a lot of heat. if you are going to be out in the sun drink plenty of fluids try to find shade, light colored, loose fitting clothing. cooling trend we'll talk about in a if you minutes. good morning. sonoma highway 12 an accident wires down at that intersection. elsewhere earlier accident north 101 at 280 in the daly city area has been cleared. north 101 at cesar shah resident roadwork until 5:00 this morning. marin county, -- shp issuing a team alert -- chp issuing a speed team alert they will be out in force. race against time in the search for two missing fishermen whose boat capsized
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in the ocean off the san mateo county coast. kira klapper joins us from the coast guard station. >> reporter: the coast guard has been searching overnight, on the water and by helicopter, still searching for those two men missing since yesterday morning. video from yesterday morning after the boat washed up on the rocks 11:30 you can see it crash and overturned, the boat was tossed by a large wave. four men from san francisco were an board two wearing their life jackets made it to land safely. it took them about an hour to make it from the beach to by homes where they were able to use a neighbor's phone to call 911. >> it wasn't that big of a boat that and the life vest and the guy told me they weren't wearing them, so i
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don't know, i didn't think it was going to turn out well for them. >> reporter: one of those men who made it to shore was rushed to the hospital. coast guard helicopter and multiple boats were launched to look for the two men still missing. the coast guard will resume their helicopter search starting at 7:00 this morning. kara clapper, abc7 news. -- the trial is set to begin today for the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle le. prosecutors say she killed le because she was jealous of le's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. le's body was found four months later in a remote area. le's family members say they will attend the trial which is expected to last about a month. in oakland, pretrial hearing continues for a
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mandwaringed in one of the worst massacres in bay area history. he's accused of silling -- of killing and wounding several others -- investigators say he was upset in part about not getting a refund on his tuition when he withdrew from the school. a gunman still on the loose after shooting shutdown a portion of a busy peninsula freeway 3:30 yesterday on southbound highway 101 near the holly street exit in san carlos. the big jam just after the highway patrol shutdown southbound lanes. red 2009 dodge charger ran off the road went into the bushes north of the holly street exit. the car had been shot multiple times one person inside was hit. police say the car was involved in an accident with another vehicle. >> we don't know what the
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other vehicle looks like. this vehicle was shot multiple times, we are looking for anybody that saw any piece of this. >> all three in the dodge were taken to stanford hospital, several of traffic were closed so officers could investigate, tying up traffic for more than four hours. seven people sent to the hospital last night after two vehicles collided head-on in pacifica around 7 p.m.. firefighters had to use special tools to free victims. police kept a link between san bruno and pacifica closed for an hour. investigators tone know what led to the crash. beginning of a new era for grocery shoppers in san francisco who will have to bring their own shopping bags or pay up. the plastic ban starts today, shoppers can bring their own wags or pay for paper or
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compostable bags for 10 cents each. sue thompson will have more in a live report, in the next half hour. south bay tech giant hewlett-packard unveiling new tablet this morning. they gave abc7 news a sneak preview, the hp elite pad aimed at business customers it is for people who need portability and productivity they say. they are trying to branch out into smartphones and tablets after being stuck in a world of desk tops, laptops and printers. it won't be available until next year. we've been talking the heat and how east bay valleys are going to heat up. >> [ unintelligible ] we had to turn on the ac once the house heats up to 78, 80, that's what we have it
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for. we don't use it often not this is up myrrh into the early fall. good morning, to warm in some areas, cool at the coast. 48° at half moon bay, 57 in san francisco redwood city, 67 in antioch. definitely warm in a few areas, calm out there, barely have any wind northeast wind hayward three, west wind sfo at about seven the air is not only mild to warm, it is stagnant. here's a look at how today breaks down, clear start, a lot of sun temperatures fall into the mid and upper 50s by 7:00. 30° warmer by noon inland, 88, 80° around the bay, 70 coast, triple digits inland by 4:00, mid 70s at the coast, drop into warm temperatures this evening, 82 by 7:00 inland, 75
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bay, 68 coast. warming trend hits the coast tomorrow then moves through the bay and inland by thursday, temperatures drop nearly 8 to 20° between now and thursday. time for traffic. good morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights off, calm headed into san francisco, light for monday morning, no problems. golden gate bridge southbound good reconfiguring lanes, four southbound, two northbound. chp issuing a speed traffic alert, they will be out enforce this morning south 101 between novato and san rafael. consider yourself warned. highway 12 in sonoma, slow traffic, just a little slowing, early enough there is an accident and wires in the road. eastbound 4 roadwork between
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bailey and railroad until 1:00 this afternoon. so far westbound out of antioch at the limit. 280 peninsula between 92 and edgewood roadwork and westbound 280 the ramp to southbound 92 closed until 6:00 this morning. 4:39. >> next, lawmakers react to potential terror threat. how anyone could have gotten a master key to some of new york's most sensey spots. man hospitalized after a fall from -- a busy theme park ride in cal why the park says the accident was his fault. candid moment about arnold's affair and his marriage. what he's saying about the turbulent times in his life. in today's tech bites getting rural america online. dish network today stars offering broadband. won't be as fast as wired more
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than 14 million rural americans have no access. if you haven't placed your orders for wii game system you may be out of luck goes on sale mid november online preorders already sold out. apple apologizing for the company's new map app which has all sorts of mistakes the google is pointing out that its maps are still available by using a browser. don't bother shooting off an e-mail to janet napolitano she says she doesn't use it for a number of reasons her agency
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good morning thank you for joining us. going to be hot later today mike is advising us to drink
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plenty of water. east bay is going to be really hot. not forecast coming up. we see it so well because there is no fog. in southern california a man recovering in the hospital after falling off a water slide. this happened yesterday afternoon at six flags in santa clarita. officials say the 19-year-old cut in line, went last lifeguards then jumped into head-first instead of feet-first. halfway down he fell off the 75 feet tall slide. park officials say he was not cleared to go down the slide and did not receive instructions first. new this morning, new york lawmakers have launched an investigation into locating sets of master keys to the city that ended up for bid on ebay put up for sale by a new jersey lock the city nor 150 they grant access to
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subway gates and firehouses men to be used by new york city firefighters to get by locked passages when responding to emergencies. authorities are concerned the master keys may be used by terror groups. it is not clear how the locksmith got the original set. arnold schwarzenegger's book goes on sale this morning he's talking how he ruined his marriage. during his inch view he opened up about the affair with the family housekeeper and the son he kept secret. schwarzenegger praised maria and said he regretted the infidelity. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship was terrible, i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children? >> exactly. i had to tell them.
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>> stheger will give his first live interview since the scandal on "good morning america" right here on abc 7, starting at 7:00 this morning. next, major changes coming to incarcerated juveniles. days from the first presidential debate. new poll numbers show mitt romney has a lot of catching up to do. plus, important deadline the u.s. postal service couldn't deliver on. milestone for the
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. most of the country in the 60s and 70s 103 phoenix, 80
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portland, 71 seattle. airports you can see all on time severe weather in atlanta could back up. without the clouds here not expecting delays in san francisco, oakland or san jose. 4:48. fundraiser was held yesterday for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrom killed during a traffic stop on i-680 in alamo earlier this month. the support has been tremendous. >> the community outreach because eye done this, has just been unbelievable. i've had people pledge cash. we've got a website with the fallen heroes organization. we work closely with for a
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long time here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow and four children to drop off donations at the restaurant. president obama and mitt romney are preparing for this week's high profile debate. mr. obama is at a resort in nevada, mitt romney has practice planned in massachusetts. tahman bradley with more on how they are handling expectations. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney start the week gearing up for a crucial showdown wednesday at the first presidential debate in denver. in las vegas last night the president tried to manage expectations. >> the president: folks in the media are speculating already on who is going to have the best zingers. governor nor romney is a good debater. >> reporter: as they hunker down for practice poll show
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americans overwhelmingly think the debate and election are the president's to lose entitle a new poll this morning, 63% of registered voters expect president obama to win. his biggest lead so far when it comes to expectations. actual support the race is closer president obama leads mitt romney by just two points, 49-47%. that's why the debates could be the pivotal turning point the romney campaign is hoping for. governor christie predicted romney could close the gap with president obama after a strong showing. >> i have confidence when we get to thursday morning you are going to be saying it is a new race. >> reporter: president obama is holding debate prep in nevada, working on keeping his answers short and concise. >> the president has to be president. he killed osama bin laden i think he can stand up to mitt romney. >> reporter: mitt romney keeps hammering the president's foreign policy calling for a
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new strategy in the mideast saying the obama administration has been at the mercy of events, rather than shaping them. >> juke see the first debate right -- you can see the first debate right here. beginning at 6 p.m. this wednesday. october 1st, u.s. supreme court convenes new session court-watchers call it the most important docket in a decade. at 7:00, the first thing the court will do is release a list of appeals it will not consider. legal experts say california's ban on same-sex is not likely to be on that list. if it is the 9th circuit court of appeals ruling stands and same-sex will be legal in california. governor brown approved or vetoed 58 bills over the weekend. he approved a bill by senator ye that will give some juveniles sentenced to life a
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chance to earn parole and signed a bill requiring parents who don't want their kids immunized to sign a waiver. in addition, he vetoed legislation allowing reporters to interview specific celebrity convicts in a bill that would have given overtime and meal breaks to domestic workers. this is in los angeles, apparently on city streets police chasing a vehicle there. >> looks like they are holding well back of the vehicle. had a green light there went through red lights earlier. dangerous situation as always on city streets. we will buy you more on this chase as it continues. right now a look at the weather.
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this is happening after carmageddon two in los angeles ends. the bay area no place to avoid unless you don't like it hot then this is not your day. >> head to the coast, get in the water. where it is going to be cooler. spare the air means please keep your drying and knowing to a limited amount, -- and mowing to a limited amount, if you can. berkeley towards san francisco crystal clear air you could even see is -- even see sutro tower. lack of clouds means lack of radar returns even out to the coast we do not have clouds to contend with going to be great for flights arrival into sfo shouldn't be delays today 73 fremont, double checked it that's the actual temperature 48 half moon bay things are flip-flopped, the coast cooler
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everybody else warmer that's what happens when you don't have clouds. monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s today the hottest day this week poor air quality east bay valleys and hills, santa clara valley clear tonight, mild to if not a little warm in some of our inland valleys, especially the the warmer 70s and 80s overnight, cooling tomorrow, all the way through the weekend. today, seven degrees warmer in concord, fremont, santa rosa close to yesterday, not one to two degrees cooler south bay low to mid 90s even 97 los gatos mid 80s to mid 90s peninsula. half moon bay 72, pacifica 74 upper 70s sunset, daly city mid 80s downtown, south san francisco, mid to upper 70s north bay beaches, low to mid 90s in your valleys, east
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bay shore mid 80s to near 90 union city and fremont at 91, wealth of upper nine toes to 100s east bay valleys that -- upper 90s to 100 east bay valleys, the state is hot everywhere. 108 palm springs record high 81 possible in tahoe today. temperatures cool the most tomorrow at the coast starts moving through the bay inland wednesday thursday all of us about 10 to 18° cooler than today. here's sue. good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley east shore freeway past golden gate fields into emeryville towards the macarthur maze, headlights, relatively light, traffic at the limit. westbound on san mateo bridge tail lights towards the highrise section to foster city moving at the limit no
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delays. quick look at drive time leaving antioch towards pittsburg. just to let you know thatly picture out of southern california police chasing a stolen white jaguar on i-405 in panorama city. government agency pledging to deliver -- they [ unintelligible ] the payment for employee benefits due at midnight. the postal service its financial picture would improve if congress would put an end to saturday deliveries, which would save money >> 30 years ago today, turntables, cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes started the march to obsolescence. hundreds of billions of cd's have been sold, back then the average cd player cost more
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than $700, which would be $1700 in today's money. cd's becoming obsolete because of the rise of digital music. a man in critical condition this morning after he is run over by an alleged drunk driver if the east bay. what we've learned about the woman behind the wheel. >> >> controversial new law goes into effect today in san francisco, why all consumers could be paying more for what they buy. big convention drawing business leaders from around the world. the new products being unveiled by oracle. caltrain computers will see changes this morning. what you can expect if you are riding the rails to work later. here you go little man.
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